Ivan Montgomery, President & Owner

About 142 North Valley Management

142 North Valley Management provides home watch services for the North Scottsdale market’s luxury seasonal, vacation, and second homes. To ensure superior attention to detail, quality, and customer care, our weekly inspection services are limited to a select number of homes and clients. In the event your home requires service or repairs, we rely on elite service professionals who are true craftsmen in their respective trades. We provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your treasured home is under the highest quality supervision when you are away.

Building a foundation of excellence and quality

As a young teen riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, I developed a keen interest in the activities of the local automobile repair shop—and the owner took notice of my knack for making my own toys with very little means, such as remote-control cars and helicopters. As soon as I was old enough to work, he hired me and introduced me to the world of automobile engineering and repair, from electronics and metallurgy to hydraulics, welding, and air conditioning. He was also generous enough to give me a no-interest loan to purchase my first project car, a 1965 Porsche, which I still own and drive around town.

The number 142 in Greek means to raise, take up, or lift—and the sum of 1+4+2 is 7, which represents completeness. Our company was born out of the belief that the home watch industry can be elevated, with an uncompromising approach.

My desire to complete the project (and to pay him back) led me to pursue a degree in Automotive Technology. By age 21, I’d obtained the level of Master Mechanic, with a specialization in high-end, European vehicles and a concentration on the Porsche marque relative to automotive diagnosis, repair, and engine building. These experiences amplified and forever solidified my appreciation for aesthetics and craftsmanship, with a no-compromise approach to repairs and maintenance being done right the first time.

Those same lessons about excellence and quality have served me equally well in my subsequent business career. During 20-plus years with a Fortune 100 company, I was responsible for managing up to $100 million a week in customer contracts, complex tasks, and projects. Ultimately, that detail-oriented mindset is what I bring every day to 142 North Valley Management clients—serving as the trusted eyes and ears on your home, ensuring that it’s in perfect shape the next time you’re in North Scottsdale.

Selling a property? Discover what a difference my attention to detail brings to the sales experience

In addition to my real home watch services, I also offer comprehensive real estate services when the time comes for my clients to sell their homes. I leverage my expertise and skills to provide a seamless and successful selling experience. From pricing strategy and marketing to negotiation and closing, I ensure that the entire process is handled with professionalism and attention to detail. My goal is to deliver exceptional results and exceed my clients’ expectations when it comes to selling their properties.