Frequently Asked Questions

At 142 North Valley Management, our goal is to give you peace of mind when you’re away from your home. Below, we’ve provided some of the common details that you might be looking for in a home watch service for your North Scottsdale property. If you’d like us to design a custom program for you, contact us today at 925-336-1218 to schedule a no-obligation home survey—or click the red “Learn More” button below.

We currently service the following North Scottsdale communities: Troon, Desert Mountain, Silverleaf, Estancia, Mirabel, Whisper Rock, and Desert Highlands. If your home is adjacent to one of those areas, please contact us and we can likely accommodate your needs.

We live and work in North Scottsdale. Our central location and familiarity with the area ensures a prompt response time to your needs.

In addition to a full range of services, our weekly base price provides transparency and helps you save money. In the event you need a home repair, we will email you a no-markup repair quote from a service provider that you can pay for directly, plus a nominal hourly fee to oversee and manage the service call.

Custom homes are unique and require a brief, onsite evaluation to establish appropriate pricing. Please contact us at 925-336-1218 (or click the red “Learn More” button below) to schedule a no-obligation meeting to walk through your property.